Monday, October 14, 2013

Grades and other stuff

The six week grades are now online.  Please check them for any typos or mistakes.  The unit exam has been graded and is included.

Homework:  In attempt to align our curriculum with the Common Core Standards, we are in the process of rewriting our curriculum.  Because of that , it is hard to give due dates as far in advance as I would like. 

So far, Ch. 5 is due on Tuesday 10/15/13.  Students were given the homework last week.  If they cannot find it, it is in the History folder on the right.

In addition to the background Chapter work, there will be readings that we do, as well.  Students may have a few questions to answer from the readings each night.  These will not take very long.

For example, they will need to read a piece on life as a cowboy for homework and answer some questions, due on 10/17.

As we get more developed, I will let you know the due dates.

Ch. 6 will be due on Oct. 24.  We will get that online as soon as we can.

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