Monday, March 4, 2013

Grade Updates and Upcoming Dates

Hello everyone!!  I know that some people are very concerned with grades.  (Grades are currently up to date online) The scores for many on the first two tests are low.  When talking to students, most admitted that they did not study.  When I look back at last semester's quiz grades, they are comparable.  Students really need to study.  The note taking guide should serve as a study guide as well.  Student should be able to explain each term on the list and its significance to the topic.  For example:  Tet Offensive.  Students should be able to talk about what the Tet Offensive was and WHY and HOW it was significant to the Vietnam War.  It is not enough to define it.  The Vietnam Quiz is on March 6.  Please have your student study!!!!!  This will be the last thing in the assesment category for the progress report.

The other thing to consider is that we usually have a project and a written unit exam in the assesment category that help to balance out the chapter quiz grades.  This unit our unit exam and project are combined into a full length essay.  This essay will count as the unit exam and the project for this unit.  However, it will not be going in on this progress report.  Our grades are due March 11 and the essay is not due until the March 13.  After that, it will take me a few weeks to grade all 200 of them. 

Here is a list of upcoming dates for this unit:
March 6- Vietnam Quiz, Chapter 21 work due (It has acutally been due throughout the chapter, however I had students hold the notes to study), Essay Outline Due
March 8- Extra Credit Due (if student wants it to count for progress report)
March 11- Essay Rough Draft Due
March 13-  Essay Final Draft Due (Do not forget to submit it to

Dates for the next unit:
March 8- 17.1 Due
March 12- 17.2 Due
March 14- 17.3 Due
March 15- Extra Credit Due
March 18- 18.1 Due
March 20- 18.2 Due
March 22- Post War Quiz