Saturday, May 30, 2009


Grades are posted.

Technical Problems.

The grades are not uploading. I will post when I get them up. Thanks for your patience.


I have posted your current grades. The Fahrenheit 451 essay is not in there and your final project grade is not in there. Please look them over. If there are any problems, please write me a note or an e-mail, so that I can check on the issue. Please do not come to my desk and just start yelling, "My grade is wrong." I will send you away.

Remember that is is your responsibility to check for errors.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finals Study Guide

For the final exam, you should compile all of the materials from this semester. For example:
- The study packet for Black Boy and Fallen Angels.
-The storyboards and societal similarities for Fahrenheit 451
- The supplemental reading packet for AAW (America at War)
- The supplemental reading packet for TT (Turbulent Times)
-Any additional readings from those units (ex. "I am Joaquin")
-The four articles from AT (America Today)

Then you should re-read and review all of the poems, songs, speeches, short stories and articles from those units.

For each poem/song you should be able to identify:
- Speaker
-Historical Context
-Prominent Literary Devices
-Underlying Message

For each speech you should be able to identify the:
-historical context
-main claim
-prominent literary devices

For each article you should be able to identify:
-historical context
-main claim

For each short story you should be able to identify:
- historical context
-main characters

For each novel you should be able to identify:
-main characters
-historical context

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"That was then... This is now" Vocab

1. zeitgeist 2. ubiquitous 3. quintessential 4. seismic 5. discombobulate 6. moxie 7. protocol 8. ideology 9. salience 10. flux 11. hyperbolic 12. slough 13. chastening 14. entrepreneurs 15. ascetics 16. bacchanalia 17. sustainability 18. comatose 19. incoherent 20. paradigm 21. profligacy 22. epiphenomena 23. yuppie 24. subsidize 25. assimilate

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Amnesty Day

Please bring any and all books that belong to Valhalla and that you are not currently using. I will turn them in for you. We need them to take an accurate inventory of what is available in the book room. Some students still have books from 9th grade at home!!! Please help get these books in. "Lost" books cost the school money that can be used elsewhere or that we can save to by the new editions of the history text. This is much needed!!!

I will collect any subject's books. Including:
*Math from any year
*History from any year
*Novels from any year
*Science from any year
*Foreign Language from any year
*Whatever else you might have

Please bring these in as soon as possible!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity

The NAVY's 23rd Original Bay Bridge Run/Walk is looking for volunteer's for its event on May 17. Please e-mail them at for more information.