Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grades, Upcoming Due Dates, etc.

For my English students-  Remember to be reading The Grapes of Wrath.  Your grades are updated.  Your OVERALL grade will be your final grade.  Some of you did really well on the final exam.  remember that it was 15% of your grade, so it did have a fairly large inpact.

For my history students-  When you look at your grade, you will need to look at two things.  In the drop down box, there are two terms for each period.  TERM 1  is everything in your grade leading up to the final exam.  TERM 2 is the final exam and your passes.  REMEMBER:IF YOU HAD ANY MISSING ASSIGNMENTS THEY WERE SUBTRACTED FROM YOUR PASSES.  So, your passes may not have counted as extra credit.  Your OVERALL grade on your TERM 2 report is your semester grade.

Here are the upcoming due dates for semester two.  The homework is in the folder under Ch 16 and 17. 

16.1- Due 1/28
16.4- Due 1/29
17.1- Due 1/31
17.4- Due 2/3
WWII presentations- 2/5
Ch. 16 and 17 quiz- 2/6

Friday, January 17, 2014

Final Exams

It is the end of first semester!!! 

English-  Please study the material indicated on your yellow study guide!!  You will need to be able to identify rhetorical strategies.  Not just the definitions!  You will need to be able to identify them in use, as well.

History-  Unless you currently have an 89.5% or higher, you will be taking the final exam.  I have posted the unit exam grades for those people who were close to an A, only.  All other unit exams will be graded during the week of final exams.  You will not know your unit exam grade before you take the test. 

Study tips:  I have posted all of the past tests in the quiz folder under History Documents.  Those should be very helpful to you.  We take most of the Final Exam questions from the old tests.  Also, study yout Telescoping the Times, your notes, worksheets, video guides, etc.  Do not forget to study your PIE handout!  There will be questions about PIE on the test.

I will most likely NOT be checking my school e-mail over the weekend.  However, I will be at school at 7:30 on Tuesday morning if you need to talk to me before the exam. 

Have a great three day weekend and happy studying!!