Monday, October 21, 2013

Date Reminders

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday 10/21) is the Ch. 5 test.  It is multiple choice.  It wil lbe on the material covered in the homework, in class lectures and the readings.  The powerpoints for the lectures are online. 

In addition to that, students must turn in their work for the chapter.  Some of them have already been checked in class, but none have been recorded.

I have attached a picture of the table of contents for their study packet from the board.  This is what they should be studying, as well.

The Chapter 6 homework will be given to them tomorrow and it is due on Thursday, 10/23.  They will have time after the test to start it in class.

Almost all of the assignments have some time in class to be worked on.  Please talk to your student about using their time wisely.

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