Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Huck Homework

Reminder if you did not finish today's classwork, it is homework!!!

Huck homework: Read Chapters 8-11. Answer the discussion questions for the chapters. See them below. You must answer them in complete sentences!!!

Chapter 8

26. Why was the ferry-boat firing the cannon?
27. How long is Jackson Island?
28. What did Huck find that made his "heart jump up amongst his lungs?"
29. Why was Jim afraid of Huck?
30. Why didn't Huck believe that bees didn't sting idiots?

Chapter 9

31. How wide was the island?
32. What did Jim say that the little birds said?
33. Were they right?
34. How did the man in the house die?

Ch. 10

35. What did Huck and Jim find sewed up in the lining of an old blanket overcoat?
36. After Jim got bit by the rattlesnake, what did he have Huck do with the rattles?
37. Why does Huck think that Jim got bit by the snake?
38. What two objects did they find in the stomach of the catfish?

Ch. 11

39. Who is Sarah Williams?
40. Where is Sarah from?
41. What three ways did Mrs. Loftus ascertain Sarah's true gender?

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