Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huck Homework- Due 9/15

Read Chapters 12-16. Answer the discussion questions below AND answer the Understanding Literature Questions (1 & 2) on page 98 in your book.

Ch. 12
42. What is a tow-head?
43. What two items did Huck and Jim decide to NOT "borrow?"
44. According to Huck Finn, how much do steamboat captains make per month?

Ch. 13
45. What's the name of the wreck?
46. According to Huck Finn, how many wives did Solomon have?

Ch. 14
47. How many boxes of cigars did Huck and Jim get from the ferry-boat?
48. How did Louis the XVI die?

Ch. 15
49. Where did Huck lose the raft?

Ch. 16
50. What town were Huck and Jim looking for?
51. Why was Huck miserable?
52. How did the raft get destroyed?

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