Thursday, September 19, 2013



*Grades- should be updated later today, Friday afternoon at the latest.  Will include the first test.

*Students had the opportunity today to redo incorrect homework and turn it in for full credit.  They also had the one time deal of turning in any missing work for half credit.  This was a one time deal.  It will take some time for this to be reflected in their grade.  GRADES WILL NOT SHOW THE CORRECTIONS OR MAKE UP WORK THIS WEEK.

*New dates-  Below you will see the dates for the next chapter.

9/23- Ch 3.1
9/15- Ch 3.2
9/27- Ch 3.3
9/30- Ch 3.4
10/1- I will be lecturing on 3.5 in class. If the student is absent, it is their responsibility to cover the material by doing the homework for that section.
10/2- Ch 3 Test

Please be mindful that incomplete assignments are not accepted.  Please just follow the directions for the homework.  The homework is the "assessment" at the end of each section.

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