Thursday, February 28, 2013

Extra Credit Opportunity

Fallen Angels Extra Credit Assignment


This assignment will require you to read the novel Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers.  Please follow the directions.  If any part is missing, you will not get credit.  You need to type your assignment.



1. Label your paper Fallen Angels. 


2.  Write these objectives at under the heading:

            *Explain how the novel shows the impact of war on Americans.

            *Explain how the novel fits into our unit of study.

3.  Write a half page summary of the novel.

4.  Choose one of the objectives to focus on.  Write a PIE-IE in which you use specific examples from the film.





¨     Typed

¨     Half page summary

¨     PIE-IE on one of the objectives

¨     Due March 8 if you want it to count for this progress report.  Due March 15 for everyone else.

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