Friday, November 16, 2012

Upcoming Due Dates. Have a good break!

I have extended the extra credit assignment so that you can work on it over break.  The assignment can be found here in the History Content on the right.  The show is "The Men Who Built America", you can do one PIE-IE for each episode.  Each one will be worth one homework assignment.  Some of the episodes are online at or on the Free Zone  On Demand.  They also re-air the episodes often on the History Channel.

New Unit Due Dates:

Extra Credit- 11/26
8.1- 11/26
8.4- 11/26
Ch. 8 Quiz- 12/3
10.3- 12/5
10.4- 12/7
10.5- 12/10
CH. 10 Quiz- 12/11
11.1- 12/12
Ch.11 Quiz- 12/19
Unit Exam- 12/21

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