Thursday, November 6, 2008

TKAM Vocab Week #1

You need to find the working definition of the following words. Meaning, I do not want you to just memorize the dictionary definition of the word, I want you to understand what it means. You also need to find the part of speech. For a bonus: Find the sentence where they appear in the book. You need to cite the page number and write the sentence. The words are listed in the order that they appear in the book. These words are words that have shown up on past SAT tests. So that is an added bonus for those of you that are college bound! If you do use an online dictionary, I recommend using Merriam-Webster's online dictionary/thesaurus. Due on Wednesday 11/12/08.

1. assuagedLink2. piety
3. dictum
4. taciturn
5. quaint
6. malevolent
7. predilection
8. domiciled
9. profane
10. terrain
11. indigenous
12. diminutive
13. fractious
14. disapprobation
15. auspicious

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